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The Bowmans Negative Air Unit is essentional equipment for the workplace where hazardous dust is present. Bowmans are build to last with a Powerful Centrifugal Fan assembly housed in a powder coated galvanised steel cabinet with an aluminium light weight frame.

H.E.P.A Filters

All units have both PRE-Filters and HEPA filters. HEPA filters provide filtration of smaller particles than traditional filters. The filters comply with AS4260:1997 and are 99.99% efficient at 0.3 micron

Auto Alerts

An audio/visual alarm warning both High and Low pressure, indicating when the filters need servicing or replaced.

Easy Placements

The units are fitted with steel drop handles and swivel wheels for easy moving and conveniently sized to fit through standard doorways.

Negair Specifications

  • Powder coated galvanised sheet steel cabinet and Aluminium square tube frame.
  • Centrifugal fan assembly with a 240volt electric motor.
  • A fan speed control system to allow tuning of the exhausted air volume.
  • A Magnahelic gauge to display the actual air pressure across the filters.
  • An audio/visual alarms, warning for both High and Low pressure, indicating when either filters are blocked, damaged or not fitted correctly.
  • A back up battery for the alarm system.
  • Power “on’ indicator light.
  • Alarm test button for both the audio and visual alarm systems.
  • Air tight housing for the main filter assembly.
  • Galvanised steel mesh safety screen to protect the HEPA filter.
  • Easily accessed HEPA Filter assembly with the new generation HEPA Filter support Brackets, allowing safe transport of the HEPA Filter securely mounted within the NegAir Units.
  • Simple holding frame assembly for pre-filter.
  • Steel drop handles to assist in easy lifting of the unit.
  • Trolley wheels for easy movement into position.
  • Standard unit size of 670mm high x 670mm wide x 850mm long allowing this compact unit to pass through and fit in standard doorways.
  • A 330mm x 290mm rectangular spigot discharge spigot with a mesh screen, suitable for the use of flexible duct if required to discharge the filtered air to open areas.
  • Operation manual.
  • Operation transfers affixed to the steel cabinets.

Negair Applications

Currently in use by:

  • Asbestos removal
  • Floor sanders
  • Mining
  • Welders and fabricators
  • Cement dust extractions
  • Working with organic dust
  • Confined space applications
  • Wood dust
  • Hazardous waste removal
  • Construction industry
  • Demolition industry
  • Laboratories
  • Defence Industry

Additional customised components

High efficiency particle air (HEPA) filters, rated @99.9%, with sealing flange gasket. Pre-Filters, used to protect and extend the service life of the HEPA filter supplied in packs of pre-cut panels. Flexible Ducting, Unit adaptors, Customised ducting, etc.
Please contact us with your specifications.

Smaller or larger units are available

Our standard 2600 Series Bowman Neg Air Unit is capable of exhausting 2600CFM (1220 liters per second) with a clean set of filters.
Please contact us with your specifications
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